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Submit to „Study, Live and Work in Warsaw” program. We’ll help you to find a place to live and a job that suits your needs.
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Study at the UFM

Come and study at the University of Finance and Management in Warsaw
- Rector Maria Sierpińska

Prof. Dr hab. Maria Sierpińska

Submit to studies at the UFM. We’ll help you to find a job and a place to live in Warsaw.
Accommodation guaranteed
UFM Academic Housing Network offers apartments with single or multiple occupancy rooms for students. Single, double, and triple rooms are located in Warsaw’s apartments.
Academic Housing Network (AHN)

  • less than 30 minutes away from the UFM
  • standard of a regular apartment
  • shared bathrooms
  • internet access
  • access to fully equipped kitchen
  • access to laundry
  • technical support team + AHN coordinator
Triple room Double room Single room
650 zł 800 zł 1000 zł
Work in Warsaw
Warsaw’s job market is large and diversed. Many firms and institutions are looking not only for full-time employees, but also people for part-time or seasonal jobs. We can help you find a job while you’re studying at the UFM. Type of the job depends on your needs and preferences.
Warsaw – city full of possibilities
Warsaw is one the Central Europe’s most beautiful and sophisticated cities with a lot to offer – from sightseeing to engaging night life. It’s the biggest city in Poland and center of economic, cultural, and educational life. Warsaw’s meaning is constantly growing. For more information please visit: www.explore-ws.com.
You can hear a lot of young people speaking many different languages while walking Warsaw’s streets. A lot of them are foreign students that regard Poland as an attractive place to study, just as good as Western Europe countries. Thanks to the friendly atmosphere and kindness of Warsaw citizens most of those students find it easy to acclimate and find new friends.
Warsaw’s full of pubs and student clubs where you can talk, drink a decent beer and attend a concert. New bars and clubs are being opened almost every day. Famous DJs from all around the world visit us regularly and make the club scene even stronger. There are a lot of night life spots in Warsaw - everyone will find one for themselves.
You might be surprised how many events dedicated to foreign cultures are held here. As a capital city, Warsaw is also full of embassies. The diplomats are engaged in cultural events showing us their cultures and customs. In result Poles are more and more open and tolerant.
Warsaw Housing Market
A lot of students decide to rent a flat together. Fortunately it’s rather easy to find one in Warsaw. There are a few rules to remember, though.
Real estate listings
Most offers are available on real estate web listings.
Rental cost
Average rental costs are:
  • One-room apartment – 1600-2000 zł
  • Two-room apartment – 2200-3000 zł
  • Three-room apartment – 3000-3500 zł
When you commute it’s safe to assume that getting from point A to point B should take about 30-40 minutes. Finding a place near the subway station is always a great idea.
Hotels and hostels
As the biggest city in Poland, Warsaw has a lot to offer when it comes to hotels. No matter if you’re a businessman or a student, you’ll surely find a nice place to stay. We recommend hotels and hostels for those who are going to stay in Poland for a short time only.